More About Steve

steve wilmes salon photographerSteve is Wilmes Brand Photos and he’s a SoCal boy with Midwest blood running through his veins.   He’s the kind of guy that believes you can do anything you set your mind to.  Something he learned from his Polish Grandmother – Busha. Something she called Polish Power.

Steve has loved photography ever since he was a little boy, but something always got in the way – whether it was his sister hiding his camera or throwing away all his recently printed photos so she could keep the photo album for herself. After capturing a fantastic train wreck on film, his mother accidentally destroyed his roll of film when she needed his camera for his sister’s birthday party – he knew he met his destiny.

Photography is not about me the photographer – it’s about you the subject and capturing those moments in time that are lost forever if you miss it.  Those snapshots capture the essence of the moment and with one quick glance can bring back the rush of emotions, the smells, the feelings you had for somebody or the rage and anger of the situation.  After viewing bodies of work from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Steve realized the power of a photo – the same power his grandmother spoke of when she said Polish Power – anything is possible.  People such as Vivian Maier stun the world with their life long pursuit and the images that showcase an era.

Steve is one of the few photographers, if not the only photographer, to have a 15+ year on going project shooting post offices around the world.  These photos are held in a private collection with only a few being published in 2009 in a rare book he made especially for his father – a 30-year U.S. Postal Worker and veteran of the Vietnam war.  Steve intends to publish the photos in the next few years after completing some essential shots of the disappearing post offices.

“Damn the dark and damn the light” is one of Steve’s favorite quotes.  Fleetwood Mac said it and Steve lives it.  Light makes the photo – understanding that you never get what you want from the light is what makes Steve a great photographer.

Steve specializes in studio, head shots and event photography.